Do you Nano?

Tonight thousands of writers around the world will bend over their notebooks and keyboards and begin the insane task of writing a novel in a month.  I have been participating in Nanowrimo off and on since 2007.  This year will be the third attempt I make at writing what has now become Shadow of the Panther, but this time I am prepared.

I am armed with my trusty snowflake, bolstered by the positive reviews I’ve received from SotO (Shadow of the Owl for the laymen), and motivated by the knowledge that this is my job now.  Right now it’s not paying anything, but blogging barely paid anything, and was both a money and a time sink in the last years of GameGeex when I no longer cared about what I was writing. Now I care a great deal, and hopefully I will be able to get others to care just as much as I do.

I had a slow start this morning, and I’m not sitting down to my planning until noon, but I have a little under twelve hours to get as much preparation done as I can.  I am also trying something new this year:  I am going to finish my planning while I start writing the first scenes.  The last time I attempted to do my complete planning in the first two weeks of November, and write the book in the last two weeks, and it just wasn’t enough time.  I was happy with the planning I did (it ended up being the push I needed to get Shadow of the Owl finished), but I need to maximize the hours I have in the day.

The other new thing I’m trying is sticking to a writing schedule.  I will be writing in the morning each day, and only writing the amount I need to reach the word count goal or finish a scene, whichever comes first.  I have a tendency to burn out on these sorts of things, so I am looking to try moderation in this current venture.  I have given myself three months to write this book, so I have plenty of time.  I want to write words that inspire me, and I can’t do that just plowing through to fill space.  The more time I take planning, and then subsequently crafting my scenes, the less editing I will have to do at the end of this.

So that’s me: a cray loon trying to write her second novel for the third time.  If you’re a Nano’er like I am, feel free to friend me and we can plow through this craziness together.