Book Review: Asteroid Made of Dragons

Asteroid-Made-of-DragonsWith a title like Asteroid Made of Dragons, and a cover with a big ol’ eyeball staring me in the face, I just wasn’t sure what I was in for when I picked up this book. What I encountered was some of the richest figurative language in a fantasy book I’ve ever encountered, rich, complex characters at the peak of their development, and a storyline that veered left on me whenever I thought I knew I had it pinned.

Shortly put, this book is delightful on every level.

Throughout the tale I was reminded of Anthony’s Xanth series, particularly in the strange cast of characters you’re presented with. Only where Anthony falls flat on relatable characters and deep storytelling, Adams soars. It’s incredibly difficult to talk about what I liked best about the plot of this book without giving anything away, but suffice it to say story elements that seem to have been building from before this book (it is the last of a trilogy) were used expertly in this culmative title.

I did find myself wishing I had started at the beginning of the trilogy as I read this book, because there are moments where I feel elements were spoiled from the other two books. However now that I am going back and reading the first book, I sort of feel like I am getting a prequel story to the one I already know, and that is satisfying all on its own.

If you love fantasy, buy this book. If you love science fiction, buy this book. If you love treasure hunting and archaeology of lost civilizations, buy this book. If you love framed narratives, buy this book. If you love books, buy this book.

It should be no surprise if you’ve read thusfar to hear that this is now one of my top five favorite books of all time.

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