A quick note about the end of DHM’s funding campaign

Six days from now Deus Hex Machina will end funding. I haven’t written much about the book on here, mostly because I’ve been so busy with the actual book itself, but the end is nigh. I sit here looking at the finish line, seeing the conclusion of a successful funding campaign, and smiling. I smile because this will be the first book I will have published through a legitimate publisher. I won’t have to scramble to do all the self-publishing work myself, I won’t have to dream about getting into bookstores– because I’ll be able to contact them and let them know it’s in their catalog right now.

Deus Hex Machina is a special project, and I’m not the only one who says so. Last month it was selected to be part of the Sword & Laser imprint at Inkshares, which means that I will have my book published under the name of one of the most popular speculative fiction podcasts online today. It’s a huge honor, and no matter what happens, I know that this book will be printed with quality and style.

I’m rambling. I said this would be quick, but there’s just so many thoughts pinging around my brain. For those who preorder before June 17th, I have provided access to the complete first draft — Currently all nine completed chapters are available as a special thank you. If you like uncut gems and getting the inside scoop on stories before they are out, this option might be for you.

Six days and this will all be done. What’s next? I’ll give you a hint.


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